About us

We understand that the essence of a woman is not defined by her clothes but character and hence our clothes try to bring out the innate idea of self expression of different women resonating Islamic sentiments.

Tesetturmayom.com started out with an intent for modest, comfortable and affordable Islamic attires for the consumption by masses. Here, you’ll find an amalgamation of various cultural heritages under the umbrella of Islam through its various cuts, styles, prints and motifs. It celebrates the Islamic philosophy of dressing modestly with the principle of hijab running as an undercurrent in all its creations. Be it the Moroccan embroidery, Arabian Abayas, Turkish skirt- dresses or Indian Ikkat print, you’ll see a rendition of all these and much more in our hybrid collection. We have continuously tried to integrate the elements of faith, and current trends in fashion to make it interesting for women. So you’ll see a regular Abaya with color block motifs, patches and prints to make it aesthetically more viable which could be fashioned into your Evening-wear, Occasional-wear or an Everyday-wear respectively. We also make available burkini modest garments for kids and Men.

A brief Bio about Tesetturmayom.com

We are based in Turkey- Istanbul and working to cater to a sizeable growing Muslim population and their appetite for modest swimwear, islamic swimwear, covered swimwear that rings in ethnic cultural ethos along with contemporary aesthetics. Our sizes do justice to all body-types accommodating up to 6XL and we offer customized lengths on almost all of our ensembles. We are equipped with state of the art technology to furnish your orders and address your grievances, if any in a timely manner. We also offer return policy option furthering the process of redressal. With assisted customer representatives to help you select, navigate and make good purchases, we ensure your experience with us is a happy one. Have your pick from a plethora of different ensembles like modest shrugs, cardigans, hijabs, jilbabs, dishdashas, prayer-set and other Namaaz essentials.

Alternatively, apart from the retail aspect of Tesetturmayom.com, we make significant contribution with our social commitments to scale the divide. We are invested in many such activities in building communities stronger and independent.

With a social presence in 68 countries and counting, catering to diversified ethnicities across geographies, Tesetturmayom.com has surely come a long way in defining the nexus between, Modesty, Modernity & Muslim.