Adasea Men's Islamic Swim Shorts K236-3 is one of the most stylish set of spring - summer collection

Adasea Men's Islamic Swim Shorts K236-3 details,

Fabric is made by Pes 100%

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We are happy to introduce you the most stylish and newest swimsuit collection.

The fabric of the swimsuit is made from the best quality and it enables quick dry.

The quality and the elasticity of the fabric enables you to use your swimsuit for longer.

Swimsuits consist of one part:
- Swim Short

This can be worn in different combinations. Now you have more control over your swimming appearance.

Our range of elegantly modest swimwear has been especially designed for men who want to enjoy swimming but don’t want to wear the usual swimming gear, these are ideal for sports and activity wear too.

Good Quality Material Composition: Polyester with Spandex mix a very light material easy to dry and won’t soak up water to drag you down.

It is suitable for pool and sea use.

Due to hygiene reasons this item is not returnable/exchangeable.

Washing instructions;

For exlended product usage and care, please pay attention to the instructions.