Swimsuit 3124 is one of the most stylish set of spring - summer collection

Swimsuit 3124 details,

Fabric is made by Pa 80% - Elastane 20%

International Delivery

We are happy to introduce you the most stylish and newest burkini swimsuit collection.

The fabric of the burkini swimsuit is made from the best quality and it enables quick dry.

The quality and the elasticity of the fabric enables you to use your burkini swimsuit for longer.

Our range of elegantly modest swimwear has been especially designed for women who want to enjoy swimming but don’t want to wear the usual swimming gear.

Good Quality Material Composition: Polyester with Spandex mix a very light material easy to dry and won’t soak up water to drag you down.

It is suitable for pool and sea use.

Due to hygiene reasons this item is not returnable/exchangeable.

Swimsuit 3124 washing instructions;

For exlended product usage and care, please pay attention to the instructions.

- Don't place your wet swimsuit its plastic case while it's still wet.

- Sun light, pool chlorine and ssalt water tend to cause fluorescent colors to fade faster than other colors. This effect is normal.

- Dont place wet products of different colors together while still wet. Do not dry your swimsuit under direct sunlight, but turn it inside out and dry it in the shade.

- Please note, the chlorine used in sanitize swimming pool is know to damage swimwear (e.g. stretching, wearing and quicker fading of the material)

- After every use, hand-wash your swimsuit with clean warm water and soap.

- To preserve the water resistant and water-repellent property of your swimsuit (this is what keeps it from sticking to your body), do not wash with hot water or maschine wash. Keep away from detergents, bleach or other such cleaning agents.

- All clothing lint with friction. Protect your swimsuit from hand faces and hooking surfaces.

- No machine wash. No tumble dry.